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ethylene glycol

ethylene glycol

mainly used for making polyester, polyester, polyester resin, moisture absorption agent, plasticizer, surfactant, synthetic fiber, cosmetics and explosives, and used as dyes, inks and other solvents, preparation of engine antifreeze agent, gas dehydrating agent, manufacturing resin, can also be used for cellophane, fiber, leather, adhesive wetting agent. can produce synthetic resin pet, fiber grade pet is polyester fiber, bottle chip grade pet is used to make mineral water bottles. also can produce alkyd resin, glyoxal, also used as antifreeze. in addition to being used as antifreeze for automobiles, it is also used for the transportation of industrial cold capacity, which is generally referred to as refrigerant. at the same time, it can also be used as a condensing agent with water.

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